In Praise of Eliot “John” Spitzer


As the Eliot Spitzer scandal develops into a phenomenon, I have to say that his apology was concise and at least he didn’t grandstand or bullshit the way Jim McGreevey did. (“I am a Pay-for-Play American” would have probably sounded a sour note with the public.) I also feel it’s important to note that consensual sex between adults might have been idiotic and super indiscreet in this case, but it should hardly be a cause for burning at the steak house, much as with Bill Clinton’s overrated dalliances. Of course in this instance, Spitzer paid and transported the woman and probably had more than just under-the-table oral action, if you will. But still, the douche should simply be made to grovel and apologize–mainly to his family–and probably just move on. Besides, who even knows who’d take over if he stepped down? Who’s the fuck is the Lieutenant Governor? I have no idea. I didn’t even know Spitzer was the Governor!