Spitzer Said to Leave Deposits with Hookers


New York City is ablaze right now in the wake of Governor Eliot Spitzer’s self-confessed link to prostitutes.

Details are numerous, but at the same time they’re hazy. The New York Times broke the story today, but the brothel operation Spitzer allegedly was hooked up was the Emperors’ Club, apparently in D.C., and it was the target of a federal complaint filed last week in New York’s Southern District.

Spitzer apologized mostly to himself in a hasty, brief press conference this afternoon. The 47-page criminal complaint is much juicier, if press reports are to be believed that Spitzer is who the complaint calls “Client-9.”

Hell, Spitzer even set up a tryst just before Valentine’s Day, if the complaint is to be believed.

Also from the complaint: “Client-9” left generous deposits with the hooker operation — no, not that kind, but the ones that ensure that you will leave that kind at some subsequent point.
The governor is even quoted, again if you believe that he was indeed Client-9. From the complaint:

Lewis [one of the defendants, Temeka Rachelle Lewis, a k a “Rachelle] asked Client-9 what time he was expecting to have the appointment. Client-9 told Lewis maybe 10 p.m. or so, and asked who it was. Lewis said it was “Kristen,” and Client-9 said, “Great, OK, wonderful.”

It was at that point, the complaint says, that Client-9 haggled over how big a deposit to leave so that he could continue to make regular deposits.

Spitzer’s confessional confab with reporters wasn’t much. But this governor who has railed against moral turpitude will no doubt have to answer many more questions.

To which you can only say: T.S., Eliot.