SXSW Tip Sheet 2008, NYC Edition: DJ Rekha


It’s a bit absurd, perhaps, to haul it all the way to Austin just to enjoy the grandeur of something available back in the Village for the past decade, but if you’ve not yet had the pleasure of DJ Rekha’s monthly Basement Bhangra party, held every first Thursday at S.O.B.’s and celebrating its 11th anniversary in April, you had best bone up on your Punjabi MC trivia and stop by. Rekha is NYC’s unchallenged goddess of the buoyant, bombastic South Asian style, a breathtaking surge of Bollywood sentiment and hip-hop bravado. She’ll bring a welcome gust of fresh air to the white-dudes-with-guitars-besotted SXSW scene, and now, finally, she’s got an excellent mix CD to hawk as well, appropriately titled DJ Rekha Presents: Basement Bhangra. Look out for “Dhol, Dark and Handsome.”

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