Will Spitzer Get a Refund?


Client 9 — identified as Gov. Eliot Spitzer by the New York Times — was a regular customer of the Emperor’s Club VIP, according to the criminal complaint in the prostitution case.

We’ll skip all the legal mumbo jumbo and get to the point: Spitzer was jonesin’ for some high-priced lovin’ the night before Valentine’s Day.

He had sent over a large deposit of money by mail, but the package was taking its time to get through the US mail. Meanwhile, Spitzer was trying to arrange for “Kristen” to take the train down from NY and meet him at a hotel in DC.

As the time for the appointment neared, the cash still hadn’t arrived. But the Emerald Club’s operators noted that the governor had some credit in his account: $400. Now, that would buy you a real good time in our neighborhood, but Eliot was looking for the royal treatment, and it was going to cost him $2,600.

Hey, why don’t you hit the ATM, Spitzer was told, and not only pull out enough to cover Kristen’s $2,600, but give her an additional $1,500 so that he’d have some cash on the books and this wouldn’t happen next time.

Sheesh, he was a governor, after all.

Eventually, Eliot’s total for the night came to $2,721.41 (Huh? Sales tax? Extras?), and he generously turned over $4,300, which put him in good stead for his next time.

So does that mean he has a refund coming?