The traditional fifth-anniversary gift is wood, but what do you get a nation commemorating the fifth anniversary of a war it increasingly doesn’t want (and, in the case of most New Yorkers anyway, never did)? While nothing can make up for the last five years in Iraq, music can at least lend inspiration to citizens who are ready to turn their concern into activism. Lou Reed, Laurie Anderson, and Antony Hegarty are spearheading the star-studded Speak Up! A Benefit Concert for Peace in Iraq and Justice at Home, which features performances by Blonde Redhead, Norah Jones, the Scissor Sisters, Moby, and Damien Rice, and speakers from the world of politics, media, and social justice. New York–based activist organizations will display info on their work at a pre-show expo, and the proceeds go to United for Peace & Justice, and Iraq Veterans Against the War. As for the wood . . . check out the handy prosthetics that our disabled soldiers are coming home with in Timothy Greenfield-Sanders’s “Alive Day Memories” photo exhibition, on display in the lobby.

Tue., March 18, 8 p.m., 2008