Not only are Canucks chill people who offer us drugs at an affordable rate, but they’re also talented filmmakers! MOMA celebrates the latest in maple-leaf cinema with Canadian Front 2008, eight New York premieres from both established and up-and-coming directors. Today’s lineup includes Summit Circle (Contre Toute Espérance), which opens with images of a disturbed, bloodied, gun-toting woman in her forties who’s apparently got a bone to pick with someone. Directed by Bernard Édmond, the film travels back in time to explore the reasons she’s plunged into such a downward spiral. If you’re looking for something with a little less blood and a bit more sweat and tears, opt for The Fight (Le Ring). The story takes place in a Montreal ghetto, where a prepubescent boy escapes his hard realities by sneaking into local wrestling matches.

Sun., March 16, 2008