Club Quickies…


The beloved Maverick will no longer work the door at Hiro ballroom on Sunday. He should be an actor anyway…Drag hostess Linda Simpson is semi amicably leaving Slurp Wednesdays at the Cock after this week’s event due to “budget differences” with the owner. I guess Linda thought there should BE a budget…Sweetie will be starting drag-show Thursdays at the legendary Stonewall. The name of the night? Riot!…Creative types James Tully and Ken Emerson say they were barred from the Plumm’s memorial event for their dear friend, promoter Baird Jones, so they’re throwing their own memorial for him at Webster Hall. They will in turn bar the ones who barred THEM from the bar…As if at a funeral, the piano player at Marie’s Crisis drunkenly hugged me the other night while charmingly adding, “I’m not a fan.” Even worse, he once announced to the room, “Musto is well known in certain parts of the West Village”–as if they don’t know me in parts of Hell’s Kitchen too! Anyway, the guy wants a plug really badly–and he does play “Another Hundred People” whenever I want–so here comes his mention: The piano player from Marie’s Crisis!