Spitzer Must Have Taken a Wrong Turn at Integrity Lane


On a more serious note, the Citizen Union, an influential good government group, added to the chorus of those calling on Spitzer to resign:

“Citizens Union is deeply saddened and extremely troubled by yesterday’s news involving Governor Eliot Spitzer.

Eliot Spitzer stated yesterday that he has acted in a way that violates his, or any, sense of right and wrong and apologized to the public to whom he promised better. Particularly because of the reform platform on which he was elected Governor, his ability to govern the state of New York and execute his duties as Governor have been irreparably damaged.”

“Mr. Spitzer made his career as a crusader fighting corruption and pursuing wrongdoing. He campaigned on a theme of changing the way business is done in Albany and pledged to conduct himself according to a higher set of ethical standards. Eliot Spitzer has now lost the credibility to continue to serve as an effective Governor and a believable agent for reform.

Citizens Union in 2006 was pleased to support Eliot Spitzer in his efforts to be elected Governor because of the promises he made to New Yorkers to bring about much needed change to state government. In light of his new circumstances, it is our strong belief that it is now impossible for him to fulfill his responsibilities as Governor. Accordingly, Citizens Union urges him to resign as Governor.

Citizens Union strongly believes that the campaign to reform state government must continue apace. State political reform is about more than the political fortunes of one person. It is about the needs of all New Yorkers for open, honest and accountable government. We call upon our state leaders to rise to the occasion and continue the fight for reform.”