Spitzer Sex Scandal and YOU: How Prostitutes Impact Congestion Pricing and More


Congestion pricing for downtown Manhattan, already nearing the “endgame” now looks more at risk than before, according to Second Avenue Sagas. The Wonkster took the pulse of City Council members and found support fading fast for the deal. Mayor Bloomberg, the plan’s biggest proponent, did himself no favors by donating 500,000 dollars to the New York State Republican party when he needs the support of state Dems. Teetering on the edge of collapse, an ongoing Spitzer scandal and possible resignation could be enough to deep-six the proposal for good.

Here are more ways how the Spitzer Sex Scandal could affect local politics:

Brooklyn’s Brownstoner kicks off the speculation on what a Spitzer-less NY State government could mean for NY City.

Atlantic Yards Report gives a thorough rundown of how Spitzer’s downfall could impact Forest City Ratner and the Atlantic Yards project.

LGBT rights could get an even higher profile supporter should David Patterson step up to the Governor’s position — from Towleroad

Bloomberg might shift gears from the Presidental race to Gubernatorial — from the Daily News.

Spitzer just threw his support behind Moynihan Station — could the project head the way of the Gov?

Some folks smell another potential Justice Department legal problem in the winds of scandal: from the Daily Gotham and the Albany Project.

Most important, we have a new icon for New York State politics: “The Pucker