Shake, Rattle, and Roller Coaster at New Theme Park


Want to throw your arms in the air on a roller coaster ride while flicking a lighter in approval? Well, you can’t, but still, your love of both amusement rides and arena concerts WILL be able to connect once Hard Rock Park–the world’s first rock and roll theme park–opens this May in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina to the sound of approving grunts and screams. From the release: “The Park is built around six ‘rock environs’ that are themed to a specific type of music (British rock, American rock, country, 70’s funk, as well as one dedicated to rock’s greatest legends, and an entry plaza inspired by Route 66). And it’s all authentic. For example, signature attractions include Led Zeppelin the Ride, a roller coaster set to ‘Whole Lotta Love,’ and Nights in White Satin the Trip, a psychedelic dark ride that is choreographed to The Moody Blues’ ‘Nights in White Satin’.” I can only hope there will also be a “Stairway to Heaven” parachute drop.