Spitzer Finally Pulls Out


The climax of Spitzergash: He came and went, leaving a stain behind.

Memo to David Paterson: Watch out for that wet spot. The governor-in-waiting is waiting to take over for the governor-is-leaving, but that won’t happen until March 17. So get out the bleach and scrub down that Albany mansion.

In the meantime, the public should turn off the TV news and tune into my colleague Tom Robbins‘s brilliant “Eliot Spitzer Goes Down” in this morning’s Voice. Shameless plug? No, I’d tout it no matter where it appeared. You won’t read so much context so gracefully written in any other publication/website. Plus, Robbins keeps the noise down and never climbs up on a high horse. He leaves that to the rest of us.

Also take a look at the European perspective on Spitzer. (The most consistently fresh perspectives on U.S. politics come from overseas — in general.)

One of the best pieces I’ve seen is the wry take on Spitzergash by the BBC’s D.C. guy Matt Frei.

Frei rightly chides Americans’ prudishness about politicians and sex, but the Spitzer case is different because his hypocrisy was both sublime and slime. Blimey!

For the non-prudish, check out my previous post this morning on how the public for once turned the tables on a pol and gave Spitzer a hard fucking till he plumb wore out.

And we didn’t charge him for it. Not even in the federal complaint.