The Greatest Day the Post Has Ever Known: Spitzer the “Sex Addict”


Just when you think the Spitzer Sex Scandal couldn’t get any better (or worse, depending on how you look at it), there comes the revelation that the soon-to-be-ex-gov has spent upwards of $80,000 on hookers in the past 10 years. “HOOKED!” is the Post‘s headline today, and they brag about an interview with “Sienna,” a call girl who claims Spitzer was a “big tipper.” The News goes with “HOOKER HAPPY” and instead of using the now-iconic photo of Client-9 pursing his lips, the paper goes with one of Spitzer with his tongue hanging out. The implication is that he’s licking his lips at the prospect of sleeping with some high-class hookers. The subhed mentions the “SEX SHAME OF ELIOT SPITZER.”

But the most outrageous, insane, jaw-dropping part of the coverage today is in the Post. As we mentioned yesterday, we imagined there was all kinds of hooting and hollering and general merriment at the tab when this story broke. The Post actually included this illustration in the paper today, but with the profanity blurred out. This display of “Spitzenfreude” was all over Wall Street, according to the paper. It just smacks of “Nyah nyah nyah: you’re resigning!”

Also emerging from this coverage is the entrance of the term “hooker booker” into the vernacular. And alleged madam Tanya Hollander is on her way to be a rising tabloid star. If her list of clients becomes public, we might be looking at Heidi Fleiss 2.0. Both papers look at this angle, but the News makes it over-the-top with its cheeseball photo collage of Spitzer, a champagne glass, menu and USA Today from the Mayflower hotel and photos of Los Angeles, Miami and Paris. Add in a photo of the mysterious “Kristen,” and you have a typical Daily News layout.

The coverage is overwhelming, and might be for at least another day, but you know that everyone is having a blast. Stories like this come along only once in a while. This is time for the tabs to shine.