When The Saint Comes Marching In, Circuit Queens Listen


In between checking out the latest production of Les Liaisons Dangereuses and thumbing through your copy of Chaucer’s collected works, I have a high cultural event for you: the Saint at Large’s Black Party! This year, it’s titled Rites XXIX: The Dangerous Black Party for Boys, and it will fill Roseland with sweaty, methy circuit queens on Saturday March 29. The dinosaurs surviving the crunch? Maybe, but they’ll be having the time of their lives wearing harnesses and acting all butch and shit in between doing Bette Davis impressions. The event’s star attraction will be international erotic performance star Francois Sagat, “the poster boy for today’s leather scene” who’ll lend his “sensual artistry to this year’s fetish festival.” And apparently just the act of getting tickets for the affair is an s/m exercise unto itself.

To wit: “Tickets: $110 through March 13th; $125 March 14th through Day-of Event; $140 at the door (if available). $40 after 4 AM if born after September 20, 1980 (opening night of The Saint). A reentry fee of $10 will be available at the venue. Advance tickets available online via SAINTATLARGE.COM and through NYC ticket outlets: The Leather Man, Steel Gym, Nasty Pig, Wear Me Out, and Screaming Mimi’s.”

Ouch! Make it stop! This hurts! What’s my safe word again?