Ferraro Steps Down and Nixzmary Case Goes to the Jury


There’s more going on than the Spitzer sex scandal, although we understand if you think that’s hard to believe. The Nixzmary Brown trial went to the jury yesterday, and the News has a page dedicated to the trial, which includes a rundown of Prosecutor Ama Dwimoh’s closing arguments by Schott Shifrel and Tracy Connor and a column by Jane Ridley. The Post has a short item noting the end of the trial. The News has been all over this case since the beginning, and we will not be surprised if the verdict makes the front page.

Exclusives The News talks to the family of alleged “hooker booker” Temeka Lewis (no, we can’t escape this story). Her uncle said Lewis was “just too clean” and that the woman’s mother is in shock by the news of her work.

The News also reports that Schools Chancellor Joel Klein may renege on a deal he made with the city teachers union to not take away money from so-called “overfunded” schools.

Oh yeah, there’s an election! Both tabs have short pieces on Geraldine Ferraro’s resignation from Hillary Clinton’s campaign in the wake of controversial statements about Barack Obama’s race. The News punned, “Ferraro gets e-raced from Hil’s team” while the Post went with a simpler “Ferrar-over” for its headline.

And finally, one last Spitzer tidbit: The Post has a hilarious full-page ad on page 34. The ad, an open memo to the Governor, is from the “largest online dating site for attached adults” and admonishes him that “approaching an affair the wrong way is always a recipe for disaster.” The claim? If he had used their service, there would be no headlines or scandals.


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