Gay Hos Hit the Screen in Chelsea


When a movie’s official synopsis describes the plot as being about “a relationship between a playboy and a prostitute,” I’m there, honey. And when it turns out it’s not the Elliot Spitzer story—these are gay male characters—it’s even more up my dark alley. The film is the romantic comedy A Four Letter Word (which probably refers to love, though it could also be fuck, cash, or meth), and it will premiere March 28 at the Chelsea Clairview Cinemas, as Out magazine contributor Jesse Archer—who plays Luke—tells me.

What kind of a guy is Luke? Well, going back to that synopsis, “Awakening in a twisted heap of naked strangers, Luke heads to work at a Chelsea sex shop, where he is forced to face his lifestyle by co-worker Zeke, a confrontational gay crusader…” Stop right there. I’ve just booked the entire front three rows.