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Legally Bland K-Fed Fails Upward To Broadway


Reports are out there that Kevin Federline is in talks to enter the cast of Broadway’s Legally Blonde in an assortment of smaller roles, including a UPS man! Well, the thoughts–or let’s say mental impulses–that spring most readily to mind are:

*Thank God he’s not going to be the lead. I doubt he could pull that off—even the MALE lead.

*When Britney filed for divorce, Kevin came to be so cleverly known as FedEx. So maybe the UPS part isn’t that much of a stretch?

*Am I the only one who remembers that as a teensy tot, Britney was involved in a show called Ruthless as the understudy for Laura Bell Bundy, who now—hum the Twilight Zone theme, please—stars in Legally Blonde? Creepy, huh?

*And finally: What will be the next step in Broadway’s stunt casting desperation—putting Elliot Spitzer‘s whore Kristen in Chicago? Don’t laugh. At least SHE’S talented!