Spitzapalooza! The Post’s “Special Edition” on the Spitzer Resignation


Tabloids are usually supposed to have short, easily digestible stories that can be read while on the go. In New York, that usually means while wrangling one’s way to work on the subway or bus. When a huge story breaks, however, that philosophy is long gone. Just look at page 2 of a tabloid in the days since the Spitzer scandal broke. It’s one story with lots of text as opposed to the 2 or 3 stories and one picture with a longer caption that we usually see.

The Post today has gone all out with its coverage of the Spitzer resignation. They’ve even gone as far as to declare today’s issue a “special edition.” We have 15 pages in the front dedicated to the scandal and 3 pages in the Opinion section. Both editorials today focus on the soon-to-be-ex-governor: one declaring, “Good Riddance,” while the other sympathizes with Silda Spitzer.

The sheer amount of glee emanating from the page is bordering on disturbing. The Post gets a chance to say “I told you so” after its constant criticism of the governor, and nowhere is that more apparent than in Frederic U. Dicker’s column “I knew he was a fraud & a hypocrite from the day he swaggered into Capitol”. The column runs across two pages with a photo array of front pages and stories attacking Spitzer. It’s a trip down memory lane of the 437-day reign of Governor Client 9. We just hope that the Post doesn’t pull something while patting its own back.

Hypocrisy is a theme that keeps coming up, and right now the focus is on Silda Spitzer. Andrea Peyser chastises her for becoming her husband’s doormat, while an article by Jennifer Fermino notes that the almost-former First Lady scoffed at Hillary Clinton’s “Stand By Your Man” routine 10 years ago. How this connects with the “sympathy for Silda” trope is unclear, but it sure smacks of “blame the victim.”

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