Tabloid Potpourri: Diane Gordon Trial and ‘Fuelish’ Firefighters


Here’s a quick roundup of some of the other stories in today’s papers.

Oink, Oink Brooklyn Assemblywoman Diane Gordon is on trial for bribery, and the News is having some fun with Gordon’s, ahem, stature. The lead for the story is “PIGGY, PIGGY, PIGGY” (in all caps in the print edition), and there is mention of “the plus-sized assemblywoman.” Gordon had demanded a detached home from developer Ranjan Batheja, complete with granite countertops and Jacuzzi tubs. In exchange, Gordon would help Batheja get city land in her district.

We Did Start the Fire The two firefighters whose October prank of setting their midtown firehouse door ablaze will serve jail time. Richard Capece will be sentenced to five months in jail and 100 hours of community service, while Michael Izzo gets one to three years. The papers both go in a punny direction with the headlines, although the Post‘s “Very fuelish firefighters: We set blaze” beats the News‘ “Call 2 Bravest dumbest for torching firehouse”. The Post also has the clever photo caption, “UNMATCHED IDIOCY.” There’s nothing better than roasting a couple of nitwits, is there?

Wiggle It A Post page-2 story on a court ruling that Elizabeth McNabb can’t have one-third of of a $10 million trust (McNabb was born to Francis Woodward, an heir to the Jell-O Fortune, but was put up for adoption at birth) has the clever headline: “JELL-O & G’BYE TO HEIR.” The News buried the piece on page 37 with the hed “Jell-O kin won’t taste riches, sez court.”