SXSW: Unacceptable Souvenirs for Your Sweetie Back Home


* “Keep Austin Weird” paraphernalia of any kind.

* An issue of Paste.

* The Japan Night sampler CD.

* A “Fuck Y’all, I’m From Texas” t-shirt. (Tried this once.)

* A tiny stuffed armadillo wearing a cowboy hat. (Tried this too.)

* Driskill stationary.

* Earplugs, slightly used.

* The clap.

* A towel soaked in Lou Reed’s sweat.

* A Segway made up to look like a giant cup of iced coffee. (Good idea but difficult to transport.)

* A plastic mold that will imprint the image of the Virgin Mary onto a piece of toast. (Trying it this year, very excited.)