Departed Party Planner Baird Jones Gets Another Party


After party promoter, art curator, and all-around nerd Baird Jones recently transitioned, there was a quickly organized memorial event at the Plumm, but some people were either banned or went there and felt there needed to be yet more hoopla. So Baird is getting another event. The memorial will be at Webster Hall, which Baird tirelessly promoted for, this Thursday, March 20th. As the club’s owner says, “Numerous artists and performers who knew Baird will be presenting their own tributes. An open-bar reception, open to the public, will take place from 7-9pm followed by an after-party from 9-11pm.” So go on, have another drink on Baird. But don’t do any of this for me, mind you. Just put me in a Hefty bag and lean me against the trash.