iVoice: Sara Bareilles, Ingrid Michaelson, Colbie Caillat Chat


ANOTHER SOUND OF THE CITY IM EXCLUSIVE! We have no idea how these dudes do this, but iVoice correspondent Brandon Stroud hacked into a girls day out chat among Sara Bareilles, Colbie Caillat, and Ingrid Michaelson! OMMGGGGG! FIIIRST LOOK!

AuroraBareilles: oh my god this has been the best girls day out evarrr, we should toteally do this again

GoinBackToCaillat: lol you can count me in

TheWayIM: clap clap clap clap

AuroraBareilles: oh my gyod have you guys been watching american idol, douchebag contestant is syooo cute

GoinBackToCaillat: I want to hug him in my cuddly arms, and squish him with my crinkled smile!

TheWayIM: clap clap

GoinBackToCaillat: oh my god look a HALLMARK STORE

AuroraBareilles: oh my gyod i went in here last week and they had a precious moments figurine where the two kids were KISSINGGGGG

GoinBackToCaillat: aaaah that is TYOO CYUTE it’s got me feelin’ like a child now!

AuroraBareilles: and WON of them was holding a heart-shaped BYOX of CHYOCOLATES and the OTHER WON was holding a DOVE

GoinBackToCaillat: aaaah

TheWayIM: /claps giddily

AuroraBareilles: oh my god they have sesame street stuff here

GoinBackToCaillat: I remember that show! It was cuteeeee

TheWayIM: That’s where I learned to write songs!

AuroraBareilles: oh muh gaw you guys i just realized, the three of us standing in a hallmark store surrounded by plushies and kissing baby dolls is maybe, just maybe, the CYUTEST THING EVARRR

GoinBackToCaillat: No, I think your squiddly face and your snoogy woogum oogums are the cutest thing evarrr!!!!

TheWayIM: no I think your rumbly tumbly bum is the cutest thing evar, times in-fanity, times a million!

AuroraBareilles: aaah this is so sweet i’m just gonna die

TheWayIM: my head is going to explode and chocolate covered rainbows are going to fall out of my head hole!

GoinBackToCaillat: I’m named after cheese!!

AuroraBareilles: aaah

TheWayIM: aaaaah

GoinBackToCaillat: AAAAAH

Mayernaise: Excuse me, can I help you ladies find anything?


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