Jodie Fosters Her Secret Once Again


The weirdest bit of closeting in years popped up in yesterday’s Parade magazine profile of Jodie Foster. The piece by Dotson Rader bizarrely said, “Jodie has never admitted to any romantic involvements. When I ask why she has not yet fallen in love, she gets irritated and explains, perhaps disingenuously, ‘My life is basically from the head up. . . I’m very analytical’.” Huh? First of all, Jodie pretty much HAS admitted to a romantic involvement by thanking “my beautiful Cydney” at an event last year. Did Parade not get the memo? Secondly, why would they assume “she has not yet fallen in love”? That seems like willful ignorance, even if they somehow DIDN’T know about Cydney. Then, when Jodie gets uncomfortable with the question, you think maybe it’s because she doesn’t agree that she’s never fallen in love. But it turns out she’s going to go right along with it and say she’s just too analytical to be romantic! Rader adds that this may be disingenuous, but his sudden burst of knowingness is too late at this point. Both interviewer and star have conspired to create a giant lie.

By the way, Jodie always explains away her reticence to discuss her love life by saying she won’t talk about ANYTHING private, like her kids. But in the interview, she goes on and on about them, blabbing about their sports, their bruises, her motherhood, blah blah blah. And once again her beautiful Cydney becomes invisible.