Update on My Update of Lindsay Lohan’s Update


The hoopla over my recent Village Voice cover as Lindsay Lohan as Marilyn Monroe just won’t end! First, Life & Style magazine ran the cover alongside Lindsay’s and called it, “Best Nude-Cover Spoof” (of the week). As they wrote, “What’s sexier than a naked Lindsay Lohan channeling Marilyn Monroe on the cover of New York magazine? Male gossip columnist Michael Musto embracing HIS inner Linds on the cover of the Village Voice!” Thank you, Life & Style! And I love that you had to identify me as male!

THEN I got a letter from a fan in an upstate correctional facility, who said he saw the spread on Regis and Kelly and it “went down like a bomb within the block.” Now I know where my fan base is mainly located! The guy said he’s desperate for an actual hard copy, as it were, so I might just head up there for a quickie conjugal visit, paper in hand! If I don’t come back in two weeks. . .don’t tell anybody