Alan Jackson: Illiterate, Proud.


So Alan Jackson pushed another Jackson off the top of the Billboard heap for his new record, Good Time, to be last week’s best-selling release. Falsely modest about his fourth No. 1 (“There must not be anybody else on the charts right now, would be my guess”), the Jackson with the moustache (Alan) has apparently been distracted long enough from his first-place finish to be preoccupied with one particular take on Good Time:

Alan was amused by a recent Village Voice review that used high-falutin’ words and even a profane one to describe the new album. For instance, the review says Alan’s “word-shy inertia suggests a sly detumescence that only the very successful can imagine, let alone turn to the service of their art.”

“I’d probably have to get the dictionary out on some of those words,” Alan said. “I didn’t know what he was talking about. . . I can’t imagine that people who buy my records at Wal-Mart read the Village Voice and somebody who writes like that anyway.” [The Tennessean]

In other news: the people who buy Alan Jackson’s records at Wal-Mart still confused by that newfangled contraption called the AOL CD. They tried listening to it, a PWBAJRWM spokesman said, but it’s just not playing anything!

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