The city is not lacking for spots to see experimental cinema, rare documentaries, or multimedia performances. But for all of those things and more under one roof, the Light Industry, a brand-new 1,250-square-foot space co-founded by Thomas Beard (former program director of Ocularis) and film critic Ed Halter in Brooklyn’s Sunset Park, is expected to be a choice hangout this spring for fans of underground film and art. Stop in every Tuesday for its weekly program, hosted by a different artist, curator, or critic, including former Voice film editor Dennis Lim, musician Nick Hallett, and digital artist Cory Arcangel. Tonight’s inaugural event features a range of short films and a rare screening of Michael Gitlin’s 1996 film Berenice, about life in a decaying upstate New York utopian community in the 1830s. Next week’s program features silent comics and early porn.

Tue., March 25, 8 p.m., 2008