Drag Rock Movie Hits Tribeca Festival in a Whoosh of Mascara


Mama’s gonna be in the Tribeca Film Festival again! I play a small role in SqueezeBox!, the documentary about the hawt drag rock club that livened up the trannie-sitional ’90s, though I imagine more screen time will be filled with names like the Toilet Boys, Sherry Vine, Debbie Harry, and John Cameron Mitchell. The official synopsis of the film—which will have five Tribeca screenings starting on April 25—tells you why we care: “During the turbulent reign of Giuliani in the ’90s, when Times Square was being sold to Disney and sex clubs were shuttered in favor of fast food chains, there was a brief shining moment when drag queens rocked New York nightlife. The epicenter of that moment was SqueezeBox, a weekly pansexual rock and roll party at Don Hill’s. Started as a refuge for gay rock and rollers who felt like outsiders in both the gay and rock worlds, the party grew to become the seminal event in nightlife history.”

A few questions: “The seminal event in nightlife history?” Are the drugs still kicking in? More importantly, when will all the other club docs I was interviewed for find an audience (Jackie 60, Motherfucker, the Roxy, the Saint, etc)? And finally, since when did sex clubs and fast food chains become two separate things?