With more than 46 museums showcasing the works of over 100 artists, you’ll have plenty to see during the Asian Contemporary Art Week (ACAW). Think you know what’s happening in China, Japan, India, and Indonesia? Then maybe it’s time to get to know the ’stans: Afghanistan, Pakistan, Uzbekistan, Kyrgyzstan. For pop art that blends religious and political imagery, see Zhang Hongtu’s Last Banquet where Mao is Jesus and the 12 apostles surrounding him at the table are (Christ!) 12 more Maos. If you have more of a comic-book edge, Maleonn’s portrait of two gay dudes in Superman costumes is kryptonite. And if your interests lie in sculpture, rest your eyes on Zipora Fried’s display of two chairs facing each other with knives as armrests. (Now that’s gonna hurt.)

Thu., March 20, 2008