Like the recent novels Eat the Document, My Revolutions, and His Illegal Self, Willy Hotzman’s new play, Something You Did, examines the legacy of the radical ’60s movements, their triumphs and their costs. Set after 9/11, the play concerns Alison, a member of a Weathermen-like group, who is finally up for parole after 30 years in prison for killing a black police officer during a protest. Will the government still see her as a threat to her country? Does she still believe she did the right thing? As a revolutionary turned neocon muses in the play: “We were baby boomer brats who despised authority. Nothing changed. We were miserable for nothing.” But we trust that audiences won’t be as miserable, since the Carolyn Cantor–directed drama features a remarkable cast, including Tony winners Joanna Gleason (as Alison) and Adriane Lenox.

March 21-April 26, 2008