Punk-gone-astral quartet HEALTH and the eight-bit-remix duo Crystal Castles—the former from L.A., the latter from Ontario—both service the jaded ears of blog-happy listeners who probably couldn’t pick the album art to Zoso out of a lineup. HEALTH’s mix-and-match self-titled debut channeled the reverb of a Liars record and a naïf-ish willingness to hit the wrong note into a vaguely pretentious Boredoms pastiche that also doubled as one of last year’s more consistent albums; Crystal Castles remixed its best song, “Crimewave,” and found themselves #9 on a 2007 U.K. singles chart. The duo’s own eponymous debut arrives this week; together, they’ll provide a great excuse for all their respective MySpace friends to finally meet. With Team Robespierre and Apache Beat.

Wed., March 26, 7:30 p.m., 2008