One Tear at a Time With Valerie Bertinelli


In my entrancing column tomorrow you’ll find a lively interview with One Day at a Time icon (and Jenny Craig star) Valerie Bertinelli, who confirmed to me that me she has a talk show in the works. The woman’s a natural! She’s tough talking like Dr. Phil yet speaks compassionately, sprinkling in all those new agey words like “gift” and “journey” to make her vaguely reminiscent of queen Oprah. At the Ladies Home Journal luncheon where I met Val, the actress turned best-selling author even broke down sobbing while admitting, “There’s still the little voice inside me that feels I don’t deserve all the good things that come to me, but I’m going to enjoy all this. It’s a gift!” She seemed so vulnerable I couldn’t even bear to tell her that her favorite talk show, Rachael Ray—which she’s a regular on—isn’t getting renewed!