They say that beauty is only skin deep; find out just how deep at the Temporary Piercing Workshop for women and transfolk with Boston-based artist XRay Aims. For Aims, an interest in the relationship between beauty and pain has led him to create art using skin—for instance, a corset laced up one’s back with pins. “There’s something about breaching the barrier that holds us together that is dangerous, sexy, and exciting,” says Aims. “For me as the top, I get lost in concentration and the feel of the needle slipping through the skin, the different textures and the intensity of it.” Beginners get a crash course in the safety, art, and pleasure of temporary piercing, first by practicing on fruit, and then on people. Singles, partners, tops, and bottoms are all welcome, but all participants must have, had had, or want to have a vagina to be eligible.

Fri., March 21, 8 p.m., 2008