Will the Last Governor to Have a Sex Scandal Please Turn Out the Lights?


The day after St. Patrick’s Day is bound to be hangover-laden. This year, however, it’s not booze that’s making my head hurt today; it’s governor sex scandals. First we have Spitzer and “Kristen.” Then we hear about the “Friday Night Specials” with Jim McGreevey, his wife Dina and their chauffeur. (Does anyone else find the T.G.I. Friday’s connection incredibly amusing? Something tells me this is not going into their next ad campaign.)

Now, New York Gov. David Paterson admits to having an affair several years ago, as did his wife Michelle. Compared to hookers and three-ways, this is tame stuff, but given the current climate, it makes sense that Paterson opened up to the press about it. The Daily News put the story on its front page, touting the exclusive interview with Paterson. (It also included Paterson’s denial that he fathered a love child, a rumor that had been making the rounds in Albany.) The Post also mentions the affair revelation on its front page, but saves the majority of its page-one real estate for an exclusive on Tiger Woods’s new $65 million mansion in the Hamptons. The Post‘s story uses “an authoritative source” for the allegations and then doesn’t even cover Paterson’s inauguration, save for a small column by Leonard Greene and few paragraphs at the tail end of the “affair” story. The News has a two-page spread about the inauguration on pages 24 and 25. Sounds to me like the Post was peeved about Juan Gonzalez’s exclusive so they gave short shrift to the entire Paterson package.

The most entertaining bit of the News‘ inauguration coverage is the roundup of witty remarks Paterson made in his inaugural speech. It’s nice to have something “constructive” to laugh about instead of spinach and artichoke dip and “VIP” escorts. It’s just too bad the Post didn’t find the inauguration of New York’s first black governor all that newsworthy.