Iraq Around the Clock at Protest this Saturday


While you’re cleaning up the residual green vomit from St. Patty’s Day and preparing to hide Easter eggs up your ass, how about doing something serious and profound? This week marks the fifth anniversary of the hideous U.S. invasion of Iraq, so this Saturday March 22 there’ll be. . .a party? A dance-off? A voguing ball? No, not quite, it’s more like a gathering where annoyed New Yorkers will mourn, speak, screech, and beg the powers that be to stop funding the occupation.

The event, “River to River: Join Hands for Peace,” is scheduled like so:

12 noon, the length of 14th Street, from Ave. A to 11th Ave.: Thousands of New Yorkers will hold hands to symbolize unity in the call for peace and funding for our communities, not war.

1:00: Beginning at Ave. A and 11th Ave, there will be dual processions toward Park Ave.

2:00: Park Ave between 15th and 17th Streets. Commemoration, tolling of the bell, five minutes of silence and taps.

If you’re still not motivated, consider this from the press release: “According to official government estimates, the cost of the war has topped $500 billion, of which $18 billion has come directly from New York City. To date, 3,990 U.S. military personnel have died in Iraq, a figure that does not count the number of wounded soldiers who have died from injuries sustained in battle or the more than 29,000 who have been wounded.”

I feel more vomit coming on!