Stalker Alert: I’ll Be At Splash Tonight!


Peppermint, the host of “Faggot Feud” at Splash

Want me to tell you about all the dazzling premieres and Broadway openings I’m going to so you can show up to throw flowers at my feet and bask in my surreal glow? OK, deal–except there AIN’T none of that shit happening this week. Because of Easter or something like that, there is absolutely nothing going on, as we all sit home and silently wait for the resurrection (of nightlife, that is). But tonight, I AM appearing in a very special edition of “Faggot Feud” at Splash (50 W. 17 Street) sometime around 9 PM, and that will just have to do. Drag star Peppermint hosts the wacky, boozy game show, and I’ll be teamed with club regulars Chuck Attix, Ian Benardo, and Maverick Cook, as we guess the answers to all sorts of queer-ies about gay things from Poppers to Palm Springs. Come and blow kisses like Richard Dawson or pig out on bar nuts like Louie Anderson or kill yourself like Ray Combs. Come on, come and give me a hug–or better yet, give me an answer.