SXSW: Quasi-Celeb Candids from Austin


Elijah Wood at the Playboy party; photo by Lacy Weathersbee/Playboy

If you’ve deigned to scroll through the thousands of blog droppings about this year’s South by Southwest, you’ll notice that, as usual, the coverage is littered with an inordinate amount of (oft-faux-) celebrity sightings. Juvenile to report breathlessly, but spend four days in a small land area with a very high concentration of (arguably) notable performers and it’s very likely that you’ll be drunk, spot Diplo shirtless in the crowd of a Dark Meat show, and find yourself reflexively taking a picture. This was why Al Gore invented the Internet, right?

Diplo at the Dark Meat Vice party; photo by Rebecca Smeyne

Diplo (left) at Dark Meat; photo by Rebecca Smeyne

Rachel Ray at her day party; photo by Craig Hlavaty

Lou Reed at the Lou Reed tribute, examining a photo of Dr. Dog; photo by Cami D

photo and scribbles by Pete Freedman

Moby on the street; photo by Mark C. Austin

Carrie Brownstein; photo by Cami D

Allison Robertson f/k/a Donna R.; photo by Cami D

Jim James; photo by Mark C. Austin

Cisco Adler at the Playboy party; photo by Lacy Weathersbee/Playboy