Vinny Vidi Pizza!


photo from opening night by Camille Dodero

The ebullient Vinny Vella is a familiar character face from The Sopranos, Casino, Analyze That, and 41 other movies, as well as being the unofficial mayor of Elizabeth Street. He was also a regular on New York Central, the Metro channel show I cohosted in 2000, which I fondly remember for his constantly begging me to go to his friend’s salumeria on Arthur Avenue with a big shopping bag and fill it to the rim with cheese and salamis. (I declined, not because I’m not a whore, but because I’m a whore on a diet.) Well, Vinnie tells me we have a whole new place to pig out at, namely his own pizzeria/restaurant! It’s in Williamsburg, Brooklyn at 374 Metropolitan Avenue, and not only am I bringing a bag to fill up, I’m taking a pink ribbon made of spumoni to give Vinnie for bringing some realness back to Billyburg. Now, when I drag my ass out there to be dissed by affected gays with bad hair, at least I can nab some mozzarella cheese and garlic knots on the way home.