The Fun Stuff: Puntastic Headlines and Wacky Stories


With all the doom-and-gloom and scandal, it’s nice that the tabloids are still providing us with entertaining headlines and random stories that give us something to chat about around the water cooler. Here are a few of today’s favorites.

Headlines “Pizza man: I made a lot of phony dough” (Post, a Westchester pizzeria owner pleaded guilty to counterfeiting)

“It’ll be NYPD few” (Daily News on budget cuts in NYPD)

“Sky & rents falling” (Daily News) & “It’s the lease we can do” (Post) Both papers on decrease in costs of Manhattan apartments.

“‘Unsexy’ & the snitty” (Post on Sarah Jessica Parker’s response to being named Maxim‘s “unsexiest woman alive”)

What? The News reports that the Boston Red Sox are more popular in New York State than the Knicks are. Three percent of New Yorkers call the Sox their favorite team, while only 2% say the same about the Knicks. There’s a great pic of Isiah Thomas with a Sox cap photoshopped on his head accompanying the page-2 article.

Howard Stern and fiancée Beth Ostrofsky are offering $3,000 for the return of a friend’s bulldog, reports the Post.

Have any other favorites? Share ’em in the comments.