Eliot Spitzer and Roger Stone


Even though he’s gone as governor, the Eliot Spitzer scandal shows no sign of dying down in tabloid land. Today we hear from the madam who spills “Spitzer’s kinky sex secrets” (Post) and the “Man behind Spitz ‘Hooker’ letter” (News), and both are enough to knock your socks off (horrible pun totally intended).

The Post interviews madam Andreia Schwartz, who has been deported to her native Brazil. She claims that Spitzer paid to watch couples have sex, and that he had a penchant for brunettes. As with the baseball story, the Post hits it out of the park with clever wordplay:

Former law-and-order Gov. Eliot Spitzer took surveillance to a whole new level when he indulged in watching couples getting it on, a Brazilian madam said yesterday in an exclusive interview from her tropical hometown.

The News meanwhile, takes a look at Roger Stone, the GOP operative who told the FBI of Spitzer’s hooker habit, including the detail that the former governor liked to keep his black socks on during his dalliances. Both papers had the story on Sunday, but the News uses this opportunity to delve deeper into the life and times of Stone, including a piece by Elizabeth Benjamin on how Stone is an equal-opportunity trickster, as he reportedly threatened Joe Bruno spokesman John McCardle.

The News is clearly having fun with Stone, as they include a “Let Ye Without Sin Cast First…” sidebar all about his “greatest hits and misses as a GOP operative,” which include being a member of Nixon’s Committee to Re-elect the President (CREEP) and forming “an offensively titled group to attack Sen. Hillary Clinton.” It’s obvious that Stone is a character who loves the spotlight, and the tabs are more than willing to shine it on him.