iVoice: Sean Kingston “Dake You Dere” IM Chat


**OnlineHost** Welcome to Sean Kingston’s Travel Service Chat!

KingstonZissou: YO!!





Shorty: Sean honey I need you to stop shouting declaratively for a second and help me finalize these vacation plans.

Shorty: Do you have any ideas? Where are you going to take me?

KingstonZissou: we could go to the tropics, sip piña coladas, shordy I could dake you dere

Shorty: Hey, that sounds pretty nice! A beach vacation!

KingstonZissou: or we can go to the slums where killers get hung, shordy I could dake you dere

Shorty: uh, what

KingstonZissou: you know I could dake yaaaa

Shorty: I do not want to go where killers get hung for vacation

KingstonZissou: Babe it’s up to you, it’s whatever you like

I’m known in the ghetto

Shorty: the ghetto where they kill killers you mean

KingstonZissou: Baby girl I know it’s rough but come wit me, we can dake a trip to da hood, it’s no problem girl it’s my city
I could dake you dere

KingstonZissou: these are Jamaican hoods of course so they differ significantly from your common American hood

KingstonZissou: Little kid wit guns only 15 roamin’ the streets up to no good.
When gun shots just watch us, run quickly,
I could show you where

KingstonZissou: in fact I’ve got a map which spotlights a lot of great places to quickly run when the 15 year olds start firing at us

KingstonZissou: or, I mean, we could go to paradise if that is more of the fun day out you are looking for

Shorty: hmm, let me think

so the killers, they get hung you say

KingstonZissou: yes absolutely

Shorty: and the 15 year olds will shoot as us indiscriminately if they are not aware of us whilst in the hood, correct

KingstonZissou: yes but I am a celebrity so they will probably not shoot me, or you by proxy

Shorty: and if by some chance I do see them kill somebody I will also see them hung

KingstonZissou: almost definitely

Shorty: Ugh, hold on a sec . . . how did you date this guy for so long?

boring_and_natasha: I keep comin’ back to him ’cause I’ll never find a love like this!

Shorty: Really? What causes that, specifically?

boring_and_natasha: a unique and cosmically specific bond between people who-

no sorry I mean “he was cool back in high school.”

that’s as far as I can get into that song without vomiting

boring_and_natasha: but if you’re discussing vacations, I recommend the slums for all their great killer hangings


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