Nacotheque Turns Two with Miti Miti


Amylu and Marcelo;
photo by Danielle Roper

On Saturday night, the Espanish new-wave party that is Nacotheque turned two. That meant that this week’s fiesta at Fontana’s was extra special: DJs Amylu and Marcelo treated us all to free Dos Equis, chocolate cake, and a live performance from Latin avant-garde duo Miti Miti.

The basement was as crowded and sweaty as ever, with Marcelo playing Nacotheque’s signature playlist including Blondie, Kinky, Café Tacuba, the Eurythmics, and the favorite sing-along “Vamos A la Playa” by Righeira.

Spanish TV network Telemundo was also on hand, documenting our crazy antics. At one point I couldn’t help but laugh at the cameraman (who reminded me of my Tío Juan) as he tried to make his way through the swarm of freaks dancing to new wave one minute and rancheras the next.

Then came self-described “mambo queens” Miti Miti. Their first time performing live in NYC, they’re two androgynous ladies who mash up electro con poquito reggaeton and remind me of Salt-n-Pepa’s “Push It” days.

It was pretty awesome hearing all the Nacotheque regulars sing “Las Mañanitas” as Amylu brought out the birthday cake. ‘¡Feliz cumpleaños Nacotheque!