Play Ball! Baseball is Back in the City.


While the Daily News reminds us that our country is mired in a bloody conflict, the Post reminds us that another much more fun (although as passionate and heated) battle begins this week: baseball season.

This season is going to be heavy on the history here in New York, as both of our major league ballparks are having their swan songs while shiny, new stadiums down the street prepare to open for 2009. The owners of the Yankees and the Mets know that this end of an era is a chance to make a goldmine in a “fire sale” of memorabilia from the old parks, and the Post reports in an exclusive that both the Yanks and the Mets are in negotiations with the city to buy the old stadiums.

So, how much would something like Derek Jeter’s locker fetch on the memorabilia market? Experts won’t say, but Albert Pujols’ locker went for $20,000 when the Cardinals sold off pieces of the old Busch stadium three years ago. Seats from Shea could fetch $500 each. You can see now why the teams want their cut.

The best part of this piece is this one little puntastic gem buried in the end of Jeremy Olshan’s story, where he discusses the history of ballparks closing and what happens to the scraps:

When the New York Giants lost their final game at the Polo Grounds, fans started to loot, loot, loot from the home team–tearing the entire ballpark to pieces, grabbing up dirt, grass and all the bases.

The News has another angle on the beginning of baseball season, which starts tomorrow at 6 am when the Boston Red Sox take on the Oakland A’s in Japan. Several of the “enemy territory” bars are opening up early for fans to watch the game, including Professor Thom’s in the East Village, which is hoping that fans show up in pajamas for a “slumber-party” type atmosphere. Massholes in pajama pants: to some that’s a nightmare. To me, that makes me homesick.