RuPaul Sashays into the DVD Stores


I have a feeling I know why I didn’t get an official DVD of RuPaul‘s Starrbooty! movie in the mail; I’m quoted on the back of the box saying the film is “kickass,” when all I actually wrote is that Ru plays “a kickass Pam Grier type”! I hadn’t even seen the film at that point! But you know what? I’m dropping all lawsuits because I love RuPaul and besides, I adore ANY attention even more. Plus I have now finally rented the film—in which Ru’s a sassy superhero who pretends to be a ho in order to avenge the abduction of her niece—and I want to advise you of some of the highlights:

*Ru elaborately passing gas in a pleased customer’s face

*Ru being made to go down on the Lady Bunny‘s capacious privates

*Michael Lucas showing HIS capacious privates

*Sweetie giving head to a pickle while trying to lure johns

*Lahoma applauding as Ru tries on fashions by Forever 41

*Candis Cayne saying…no, you’ll have to wait for the column for that one.

*And finally: Porn star Owen Hawke parading around in an “ouch-fit” and begging Ru to torture his balls

Kickass? Sure, why not?