New York

Toy Story: Hillary’s Become More Plastic Than Ever


I was Googling “Obamakinz plush toy”—well, it was a slow day—and I came up with this site, which not only has that particular political plaything for sale, it offers a muscled Giuliani doll, a Cheney figure complete with “You Don’t Know Dick” shirt and wayward shotgun, a Larry “I am not gay” Craig playmate, a cuddly Condi action figure, and a spiffily dressed Barack and Hillary dream team. These clever collectibles turn controversial icons into cute conversation pieces that mix accuracy with satire. Best of all is the talking Jesus Christ action figure (staff and sandals not included) reciting the 10 commandments that all the above figures seem to have forgotten. But where the hell is Spitzer‘s doll? Oh, yeah, she’s busy recording her latest single.

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