Get Down and Boogie at the Latest Club Library?


Books and nightclubs generally don’t go together any better than Vicodin and smack do. Yes, Rapture Cafe is an East Village bookstore/hangout that has a lot of parties, but the titles there are generally wildly light and trashy (like MY book) and besides, they’re diligently covered up for the bashes, lest the gays get some education that might spoil the fun. But now, fine literature and clubbing/ho-ing come together for the first time when Mansion New York (the big dance club, formerly Crobar, at 530 W 28) introduces a library for the high-minded strays that want some artistic appreciation in between drunken bumping and grinding on the dance floor.

As the release states, “Within the 10,000 square-foot Main Ballroom with 35-foot dome ceiling resides the powerHouse Library, the centerpiece of the mezzanine. Featuring a selection of powerHouse Books’ latest releases and classic backlist titles, the Library will host an exclusive series of launch parties and private receptions in conjunction with art shows in the Gallery.”

So next time a clubbie barrels up to you and says, “I’m gonna read you!” you hold up your copy of John Gruen‘s powerHouse book about Maria Callas and say, “No, bitch. I’m gonna read THIS! You should try it sometime.”