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If the Black Party were a person—and by that, we mean a gay man—he’d be nearing homo old age. At 29, his receding hairline might be looked over for 21-year-old Christian Siriano–style shags and ’hawks by the youngsters crowding the clubs. An anomaly in an age-obsessed culture, the Saint at Large’s Black Party has only ripened over time to become an internationally recognized Druidic dance marathon and ode to the pagan celebration of the vernal equinox. This year’s fest promises “strange live acts,” “heavy” dress, and at least 18 hours of music by global and local DJs like Stephan Grondic and Jonathan Peters. The theme, “Dangerous,” is a reference to The Dangerous Book for Boys, a how-to book on knot-tying and other practical boyish matters.

Sat., March 29, 10 p.m., 2008

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