Lesbian Director Won’t Say the L-Word!


When Boys Don’t Cry was released in ’99, talented director Kimberly Peirce was an out lesbian who chatted with me about the absurdity of the Hollywood closet, though she later felt she may have gone too far with her remarks. Well, nine years later, she seems even more half hearted on that topic. Sunday’s New York Times reported that Peirce—who directed the new Stop-Loss—”is conscientiously private. For all the good will she garnered in gay circles after Boys Don’t Cry, Ms. Peirce demurs on the subject of her own sexuality, saying only that her partner is going to be a professor of gender sociology and Turkish literature in California.” This doesn’t exactly sound like she’s gone back into the closet—”partner” pretty much signifies lesbian lover here, doesn’t it?—but she may have become a little less eager to define herself as one of us. If so, Peirce’s stopping is definitely our loss.