Spitzer and Girls! Girls! Girls! Again! Again! Again!


Is today Bimbo Day at the Post? First we get the screaming front-page exclusive that Eliot Spitzer is linked to the Wicked Models prostitution ring bust, and that Wicked Models madam Kristin “Billie” Davis “personally serviced” the ex-governor. Good headlines on this one: the “AND THERE HE HO’S AGAIN” truck headline on pages 6-7 and the pictured “BUSTED (AGAIN!)” front-pager with the visual pun of Davis’ “assets.” We get another eyeful of the madam on page 7. On page 6, we learn about the sugar-daddy love of Emperors Club co-founders (is that what we call them? co-conspirators? I give up) Mark Brener and Cecil Suwal. Things that I don’t need to read about first thing in the morning include tattoos near one’s privates with the name of one’s 32-years-senior paramour.

But the high-priced call girls and their madams aren’t the only scantily clad ladies in today’s Post. A page-3 picture of France’s first lady Carla Bruni shows her “dressed down” with Queen Elizabeth. This gives the Post the opportunity to publish an old picture of a scantily-clad Bruni brandishing a whip under the “newsworthy” guise that nude photos—not including the whip pic—of Bruni from 15 years ago are going up for auction next month. (Note the “Carla whips up new look” headline.) The Daily News goes a little more demure with its page-25 picture of Bruni sitting in a chair during her visit.

And if that wasn’t enough T-and-A for your Thursday, the Post also tells us the child-support saga of Italian porn star Ciccolina, who is suing ex-husband Jeff Koons for $2.3 million in back child support. The twist? Ciccolina (nee Ilona Staller) kidnapped her son Ludwig from Koons 10 years ago. The headline screams PORN STAR SUES PAPA TO PAY UP. You don’t even realize that the “Papa” is a world-famous artist until you get to the third paragraph.

Today’s Post reminds me of last night’s late-night Simpsons rerun—the one where Ned Flanders hears a dirty word on late-night TV and gets Kent Brockman fired. The episode features Lisa Simpson questioning how Fox News can be so conservative, but the Fox Network can show utter trash. The Post, which of course, is owned by News Corp., has the same dichotomy. Readers did complain about the “Kristen” cover from two weeks ago; it wouldn’t be a surprise if they get some outraged letters about “Billie.”