Is Spitzer really in “Billie’s” Little Black Book?


Today the Daily News takes a cue from yesterday’s Post and places accused madam Kristin “Billie” Davis on the front page to tout their exclusive on Davis’ “little black book,” which is actually a spreadsheet with loads of details about the johns who frequented Davis’ three (!) operations. One of the johns is an unnamed professional poker player. What’s the over/under on when he gets outed?

One name that does not appear is Eliot Spitzer. The News cites unnamed law enforcement officials who “shot down a report that then-Gov. Eliot Spitzer has been identified as a regular client of bottle blond Davis.” The Post continues to stand behind its Spitzer claim, reporting that a “secret summit” will take place today between Manhattan prosecutors, Davis and her lawyer in which the ex-gov will be discussed. DA Robert Morgenthau is quoted later in the story saying that as of now, there is no independent confirmation of a link between Davis and Spitzer.

One link that has been substantiated, however, is between Billie Davis and Jessica Cutler, a former Senate aide who wrote a tell-all about her life as a high-priced call girl in DC. The Post includes photos of Cutler that appeared on Davis’ Wicked Models websites and pics of Cutler and Davis partying on Davis’ MySpace page. How’s that for corporate synergy? Cutler tells the Post that the photos of her on the Wicked website are of her head, but that “they were Photoshopped.” Illusions in the fantasy business? Say it ain’t so!

Only slightly related: Has anyone else had Phil Collins’ “Billie Don’t Lose My Number” in their head this week?