School Daze: Bizarre Student News Roundup


Going through the tabloids today there was a small recurring theme, especially in the Daily News. Several stories about students achieving great things or being thrust into scandal are all over the place today.

The biggest news is the arrest of a Wantagh High School math teacher charged with raping a 16-year-old student. Heather Kennedy, 25, had sex with the teenage boy in the parking lot of the high school, police told both papers. In a slower news cycle, this probably would have made page one, and as details come out, there probably will be some sort of nickname for Kennedy.

Science-minded students are highlighted in the Daily News today, both on page 12. First up is David Bauer, an alumnus of Stuyvesant High School who in 2005 won $100,000 in the Intel Science Talent Search for developing a biological weapons sensor. Now Bauer (no relation to fictional 24 character Jack) has won a $30,000 Harry S. Truman Scholarship. Bauer turned down the Ivy League to attend CUNY’s Macaulay Honors College.

While for some being a brainiac has its rewards, for others, it has drawbacks. Directly below the heartwarming tale of Bauer’s windfall is that of New York City College of Technology student Gregory Kats. Kats was heading home on the subway with one of his projects, and the device short-circuited, causing smoke to billow out of his backpack. Fellow straphangers thought it was a bomb and abruptly evacuated the B train when it got to the Seventh Ave. Station in Park Slope. The computer engineering student kept yelling, “It’s not a bomb!” to no avail. The bomb squad arrived, and police questioned Kats and released him without being charged. Kats vows to keep his projects off the subway.