Gay Basketball Players Don’t Slam Dunk Each Other’s Privates


I passed by the testosterone-laden bar the Eagle with a friend and sensed that something fetishy was going on there, so in we ran, only to find a bunch of tall guys standing around in jerseys and shorts. It turned out to be a benefit for the NYC Gay Basketball League! And though the event was called a “NY Warriors Jockstrap Fundraiser,” I didn’t see any jockstraps, just a couple of hot African American athletes walking around shirtless and flaunting their tats. I cornered one of the Warriors to ask the all-important question: What’s it like in the locker room? “We’re the meanest team ever,” he admitted. “We’re mean and bitchy. Even when we lose, we pretend we won. So believe me, there’s no sexual tension at all in that locker room.” Damn! What a waste of black cock!